200 Series Bakelite Telephones (1929-1957)

Please click on the relevant thumbnail picture below to view photographs of the actual telephones that we currently have for sale. All these telephones have been professionally serviced, restored, and converted. For a brief history of the 200 series telephone range please click here.

Telephone: Ivory 232 Ref: 2451

A lovely rare Ivory 232 King Pyramid Telephone dated 1956 on both the handset and the base. In good condition apart from some minor blemishes in the moulding and a very faint hairline to the mouthpiece which is too faint to photograph and can only be seen under very close scrutiny. For completeness the actual telephone case is a slightly different shade to the Bell Set case, this can be seen in the photographs. These flaws are reflected in the price. Other than that there are only very minor nibbles consistent with age and use. Postage and Packing charge is reflective of extra insurance cover.

FOR SALE: 725 (P&P: 20.00)

Telephone: Black 232 Ref: 2301

A lovely Black 232 Antique Telephone combined with a No:26 Bakelite Bell Set. It has a drawer, braided handset cord and a type 10 alphanumeric chrome dial. The handset is dated 1948. In good condition with only very minor nibbles and surface scratches consistent with age and usage.

SOLD: 315 (P&P: 15.00)

Telephone: Black 162 Ref: 2449

A Black GPO 162 Pyramid Telephone on a rare Bell Set 25. The telephone has a braided handset cord and a type 10 chrome dial with a porcelain numeric dial plate. The handset is dated 1936 and base of the phone is dated 1935. The phone and Bell Set are both in good condition with only minor nibbles and surface scratches consistent with age and use.

SOLD: 350 (P&P: 15.00)

History of 200 Series Telephones

In 1929 the revolutionary and elegantly curved pyramid shaped Tele 162 table telephones were first introduced in the UK. Originally made by Siemens these telephones superseded the era of the 'candlestick' telephone. Although the GPO version still required a separate bell set.

In the early 1930's having a bell separate from the telephone was normal practice. It was usual for the "bell set" to be located in the hall, while the telephone itself might be anywhere convenient to the customer. It was also possible to mount the bakelite bell set underneath the telephone and this was then known as a "Combined Set" or by some as a "King Pyramid".

The Tele 232 was a development on from the Tele 162 and was introduced in 1934. It looked exactly the same but contained an improved ASTIC circuit that improved the sound quality of the telephone.

Later versions had a drawer in the base (for dialling numbers etc) and used a less damage prone cradle fork made of cellulose acetate rather than Bakelite. The later cradle style also overhangs the telephone body to provide a lip that made the telephone slightly easier to carry around.

These telephones were produced in black (standard), ivory (rare), red (very rare) and green (extremely rare).