We are a family run business who sell, buy, repair, renovate, convert, and service genuine old British Telephones.

All the telephones that we sell have been stripped down to their component parts, professionally converted, cleaned, restored and serviced using genuine spare parts. If required high quality faithful copies of the original braided cords have been fitted. These phones have been correctly converted for modern use; all the dials and bells have been carefully adjusted as per the original engineering specifications, so that these telephones will function properly when plugged into modern BT telephone sockets (see our FAQ page). GPO Telephones for sale

By popular demand we also sell Replica Retro Telephones on our sister website (Abdy Retro).

You can browse and then buy our telephones online by selecting Telephones For Sale on our menu, or you can see a selection of these vintage telephones on display and "for sale" at Elsecar Antiques Centre near Barnsley, South Yorkshire. At Elsecar we have a range of high quality genuine British traditional telephones available for you to examine.

These telephones represent a bygone age when the telephone was a thing of beauty and classic design. They were regarded as a status symbol, an item of elegant luxury, rather than the simple functional tool that the telephone later became. You can see these telephones in 1950's films or on TV in programs like "Life on Mars", "Ashes to Ashes" and "Deal or no Deal".

Most of these elegant telephones were designed jointly by the British Post Office engineering department and Ericsson Telephones Ltd, they represent the pinnacle of a golden age of telephone design.

These classic icons of British design are becoming increasingly rare and hard to find. Consequently we believe these telephones represent an excellent investment for the future. Many of our customers buy these phones as a piece of period furniture to give that "finishing touch" to a beautiful home.

If you are trying to locate a specific type of British telephone, or require any information about "old British telephones" we will be pleased to try and help.